16. January 2021

Inhorgenta 2020

Berckwerk, a Brilliant Space at Inhorgenta

Berckwerk, a brilliant space at Inhorgenta Munich


The 21st. Century is for us the muse of inspiration. All our ideas and thoughts are inspired by technics like 3D drawing. The shapes are free and wild. As pendants, for earrings or as a ringstone.

We choose Topas in a Caribbean blue-green color, Chrysopras in green, Garnet in red, Topas in London blue or our Smokyquarz handmind from the Swiss Alps. This and many more gems are cut in the kind of contemporary shapes.


Our so called 21st. Century Cut has had last year a huge responds. The possibility to buy a wax model or a silver setting prepared for this stones, opened a door of many ideas and designs. This unexpected reaction get used for an article in the German Goldsmith magazine GZ in the issue 09-2019

Whether in Tourmaline from Afghanistan or Garnet from Mali, natural non treated Citrin from Zambia, or Smokyquarz handmined from Switzerland. This cut is something unique. Also we are looking forward to show up with some material from out of space in this cut.

Meteorite Gibeon from Namibia.


Citrin from Zambia is naturally in a very attractive yellow orange colour. Sometimes with a smoky pointer. A nice lot we got 2019 from our contact over there, which we have cut in many different shapes and cuts, like our Bordeaux Cut, in Concave Cut or in our pampeln upside down drilled. It’s a pleasure to show a nontreated color in a wonderful shining.


We like to put ideas upside down. There is nothing more easily as our pamplen drilled the opposite way. Out of a big request we show this year that cut in:

Topas London Blue

Topas Sky Blue




Rutilated Quartz

Aktinolith (green needles) in Quartz

Citrin from Zambia


Blue opal from Mexico


This jeans blue Opal from Mexico is also one of the trend color for the summer season 2020. It’s an opaque material with a special touch. Very nice for cabochons and pampeln.


Brilliant Space is our own event, which we will keep on going this year. The logo which we have designed for that happening is so beautiful, that we decide to make an own small gem design out of it. In a traditional shape of a diamond, we engrave our polygon type of a brilliant. That is our answer for a contemporary gem design.


At Instagram (@berckwerkgems ) we have been very surprised on your feedback on our color ranges of handmind Smokyquarz from the Swiss Alps. To give you, what you like to get, we are cutting in 8mm and 10mm Smokyquartz in his full natural color range. The Concave Cut is the best cut to show up the complete potential of a perfect grown Quartz from the Alps.


I am sure that our Grape Chalcedony in a plum color from Indonesia Is one of the crazy things we will show. This pieces are amazing. A very attractive color combined with that natural ball shape. Few pieces has been grown as a pure sphere. Out of this pieces we have done a necklaces. This natural spheres are the only one which I know.


One of my favorite are the Crystals from Pakistan which has natural petroleum in a neon yellow color as inclusion. This Petrol is millions of years old. One effect is very unique. In an ultraviolet light they are UV active! Glowing in a really neon yellow. The crystallization of this pieces are also fantastic. Many of them are grown as a so called swimmer. In the growing period they haven’t been connected to the mother rock.

We will show this pieces as single crystals or in a complete necklaces.


You will find us in Hall C1 Booth 355


We are looking forward to welcome you and wish you an enjoyable and save trip to Munich.


With our best regards


Andy Berck and Team