27. January 2020

Inhorgenta 2020

Berckwerk, a Brilliant Space at Inhorgenta

Berckwerk, a brilliant space at Inhorgenta Munich


The 21st. Century is for us the muse of inspiration. All our ideas and thoughts are inspired by technics like 3D drawing. The shapes are free and wild. As pendants, for earrings or as a ringstone.

We choose Topas in a Caribbean blue-green color, Chrysopras in green, Garnet in red, Topas in London blue or our Smokyquarz handmind from the Swiss Alps. This and many more gems are cut in the kind of contemporary shapes.


Our so called 21st. Century Cut has had last year a huge responds. The possibility to buy a wax model or a silver setting prepared for this stones, opened a door of many ideas and designs. This unexpected reaction get used for an article in the German Goldsmith magazine GZ in the issue 09-2019

Whether in Tourmaline from Afghanistan or Garnet from Mali, natural non treated Citrin from Zambia, or Smokyquarz handmined from Switzerland. This cut is something unique. Also we are looking forward to show up with some material from out of space in this cut.

Meteorite Gibeon from Namibia.


Citrin from Zambia is naturally in a very attractive yellow orange colour. Sometimes with a smoky pointer. A nice lot we got 2019 from our contact over there, which we have cut in many different shapes and cuts, like our Bordeaux Cut, in Concave Cut or in our pampeln upside down drilled. It’s a pleasure to show a nontreated color in a wonderful shining.


We like to put ideas upside down. There is nothing more easily as our pamplen drilled the opposite way. Out of a big request we show this year that cut in:

Topas London Blue

Topas Sky Blue




Rutilated Quartz

Aktinolith (green needles) in Quartz

Citrin from Zambia


Blue opal from Mexico


This jeans blue Opal from Mexico is also one of the trend color for the summer season 2020. It’s an opaque material with a special touch. Very nice for cabochons and pampeln.


Brilliant Space is our own event, which we will keep on going this year. The logo which we have designed for that happening is so beautiful, that we decide to make an own small gem design out of it. In a traditional shape of a diamond, we engrave our polygon type of a brilliant. That is our answer for a contemporary gem design.


At Instagram (@berckwerkgems ) we have been very surprised on your feedback on our color ranges of handmind Smokyquarz from the Swiss Alps. To give you, what you like to get, we are cutting in 8mm and 10mm Smokyquartz in his full natural color range. The Concave Cut is the best cut to show up the complete potential of a perfect grown Quartz from the Alps.


I am sure that our Grape Chalcedony in a plum color from Indonesia Is one of the crazy things we will show. This pieces are amazing. A very attractive color combined with that natural ball shape. Few pieces has been grown as a pure sphere. Out of this pieces we have done a necklaces. This natural spheres are the only one which I know.


One of my favorite are the Crystals from Pakistan which has natural petroleum in a neon yellow color as inclusion. This Petrol is millions of years old. One effect is very unique. In an ultraviolet light they are UV active! Glowing in a really neon yellow. The crystallization of this pieces are also fantastic. Many of them are grown as a so called swimmer. In the growing period they haven’t been connected to the mother rock.

We will show this pieces as single crystals or in a complete necklaces.


You will find us in Hall C1 Booth 355


We are looking forward to welcome you and wish you an enjoyable and save trip to Munich.


With our best regards


Andy Berck and Team




27. January 2019

Inhorgenta 2019

Polygon Art

Polygon Graphic Art

Inhorgenta 2019


This new style in Graphic Design Is the main influence for our new work 2019.


The Universe Cut

Asymmetric in Symmetric! A total asymmetric design in a symmetric round classic stone. Inside the non-system of facetts is a system which gives the light the possibility for a nice trip thought the stone.


For the first time we offer for our 21th Century cut a designed setting in a wachs model. With this idea we wanted to begin to offer for all complicated shapes a basic setting which still gives the possibility for each own design. This is also available for our 8-Corner Bodeaux cut.


The deign idea of polygon art get also reflected in our hearts. It is time to show up a new design for hearts. Normal are boring.


Mexico, Argentina, Dominique Republic

From this country’s our new gems for our balls with milled head are coming from.

Larimar in a turquoise color from Dominique Republic

Blue Opal from Mexico

Blue-Petrol colored Calcit from Argentina

Green translucent Amazonite from Africa

Aquamarine from Brazil


Also in Facetted balls in 10mm and 12mm with milled head we will have:





Topas sky blue



Our Idea “The Rock”:

A pure crystal we will slightly change to make it possible to directly connect it with a ring.

This idea we will show in black Tourmaline, black Tourmaline with blue top and Aquamarine. A very pure idea!


For all lovers of local stones

The Alps are still our main focus. We are loving the clearness of the crystals and the color range of Swiss Smokyquartz. Therefore we have extended our range of cuts and shapes in the lovely material. This gems are now also available as Pampel Pairs and in classic round cuts.

Also we will show our first small Emeralds from the famous Austrian historical mine in Habachtal and we will show few more very nice moonstones from Zillertal and Hohentauern from Austria.


Everybody knows our weakness for Inclusionquartz. So we have been successful finding new specials.

Yellow Petroleum in Quartz from Pakistan. Also Bubblequartz and green chlorith in crystal, both from Madagaskar. Very unusual miracles from nature!



For the harmony

At the moment we are cutting pairs in different shapes and cuts. Earrings are a big part in gem design.

We will have in Munich

Moonstone from white to black

Topas in London Blue

Beryll in minty green

Vesuvian in yellow green

Chrysopras in intense green

Opal in pink from Peru

Opal in blue from Mexico

Also we will show as Pampeln drilled upside down:

Alpin Crystal and alpine Smokyquarz, Lemonquarz, Rosequarz, Prasiolith, Chacedon and Amethyst.


Beryll and his brothers and sisters

One of our favorites is Beryll with his minty colors. This rough material is coming from Russia. The color range is from yellow green too minty green. Also Morganite from rose to purple-rose from Nigeria we will have with us.


We are looking forward to welcome you in Munich and we wish you a save a nd comfortable journey to Munich.


With our best regards


Andy Berck

18. January 2018

Inhorgenta 2018

Welcome to the 21 Century

Inhorgenta 2018


If somebody would ask me, what is the biggest change in our branch in the 21 century, I would say it is the 3d drawing technic.

Inspired thought this drawing technic we have created a free shape cut, similar as a surface in a 3d Drawing. With a lot of fire

“The 21 Century”


Totally different is: “The Rock”.

Archaic – simple – straight

A Stone – an idea – one solution


This year our beats with milled head will appear in a unique shining. Improved with facets. They will be available in Moonstone, Lemonquarz, Prasiolith, Smoky quartz and Chalcedony.


Some very unusual Inclusionquarz we will show.

Fuchsit in Quartz (green Aventurin)

Hematite in Quartz (Rasberry Colour)

They will be cut as Beats with milled head, as Cabochons and as Pampel Pairs.


Also we will show few pieces with blue-purple Fluorite inclusions in Quartz. They are from an old found 15 years ago.


And very rare, unusual Quartz with Petroleum inclusions. This yellow inclusions get a neon shine under UV Light. A real Eye-Catcher in each disco!!

They will be cut in Cabochons or as mirror cut. Also they are possible for setting in their natural shape. These crystals are beautiful by nature.

This oilfield are not inexhaustible!!


Two fantastic founds made us speechless.

One was in Germany, not far away from Idar-Oberstein. In one of the quarries a big druse got found. Amethyst in a very clear and beautiful quality. Similar as the best from Brazil. Few of this pieces we cut and will present in Munich.

Another spectacular found was in Austria at the “Hohen Tauern”. Moonstone in a Quality like pieces from Tansania. Clear, with a blue moon. Never seen before! Very rare!!


Beside our colorful gems we will also show some natural Safires. They have natural facets, they need no cutting. Pure flat crystals with triangles on the top!


We are looking forward to welcome you in Munich.

Hall C1

Booth 355

From: 16.02. to 19.02.2018


We wish you a save trip to Munich.

With our best regards


Andy Berck

03. February 2017

Inhorgenta Show 2017

Garden of luscious colours... Inhorgenta 2017







Hall C1  Booth 355

Inhorgenta is opening its doors once again – this time to a garden of luscious colours. Beryl, the pastel-green brother of Aquamarine, is in the front row this year at the Berckwerk booth. Its soft colours exude calm and serenity, which is underscored by the right cut.

Such a cut is the new Bordeaux Cut. Inspired by a day excursion to the beautiful city of Bordeaux in 2013, the Bordeaux Cut is an eight-corner cut with a fantastic fire. It offers the chance to break away from old-fashioned settings and go on a journey of creativity – via traditional craftsmanship or 3D scanner. This cut is available with Topaz London Blue and Sky Blue, Amethyst from Morocco, Beryl from Russia, Smokey Quartz from Switzerland and other Quartz types.

For just a few years now, Morocco has been an unusual source for Amethyst. The stone from there features a rich purple colour and frequently extraordinary colour zoning as well. The few pieces grown as double-ended crystals show a kind of “hourglass” in the middle.

Thanks to the many connections we now have in Switzerland, we are able to offer Swiss Mountain Crystal and Smokey Quartz from various chasms. This diverse range of stone enables us to provide today colour gradations in diameters of 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm and 14 mm in the Concave Cut. We have never before had such beautiful colour nuances of Smokey Quartz.

But the various colours of Swiss Smokey Quartz is not the only highlight – the surface structures are too. With the Lens Cut, this structure is preserved and becomes a part of the design. Each piece is one of a kind. 

In Austria, too, the spirit of the mountain is kind to us. Even if the search for rare Zillertal Moonstone is possible just a few days of the year, we are once again able to show you an exceptional sample from Austria. Unfortunately, the search for the stone is momentarily not possible on the Great Mörschner Kar. Time will tell what we will be seeing of this raw material in future. In any case, the stones will be rare.

They are our favourite colours: green, blue and turquois. To be able to indulge in our passion, we are offering a “modular system” for colour junkies. Chrysoprase, Chalcedony and Turquoise in diameters of 5 mm and 10 mm in the Brilliant Cut. This enables everyone to create their personal colour palette.

Holidays can be so inspiring – and then they are over so quickly. To always have a memory of this time with you, we are showing our beach “diamonds” this year. A piece of beach (France’s Atlantic coast) in the Brilliant Cut and made for wearing on your finger. One carat of beach!

They were quickly sold out last year … the ocean colours for Topaz in green, yellow, blue. We have once again cut new Cabochons for the new year.

From the mines of Oregon come the new raw stone to use: wondrous Sunstone with their unmistakeable copper shimmer. They are in company of Sunstone from Tansania, with their rainbow-copper shine, and Sun-Moonstone with their golden sparkle. All of these Sunstone types are unique and exceptional.

A novelty in 2017 is a pair of very unusual green Tourmaline in Mountain Crystal. They are recent arrivals, so we cannot yet say which pieces we will be showing. Look forward to a surprise!

Our beautiful spheres will naturally also be on display. You will find them again in the following stones:

Natural Topaz


Tourmaline Quartz

Rutilated Quartz in various nuances

Petrified Coral

Moonstone in various colours

Smokey Quartz from Switzerland

Chrysoprase from Indonesia

Chalcedone in blue, purple and many more colours

And last but not least, we are showing a few very beautiful Rutilated Quartz stones in the Lens Cut, compiled to create a necklace.

Now we wish you a comfortable and safe journey to Inhorgenta and look forward to welcoming you to Munich.




Your Berckwerk Team

05. April 2016

Inhorgenta 2016 - Impressions

Thanks to all of our Customers for a good and inspiring show with interesting talks and encounters. We are looking forward seeing you in Munich 2017 again. Best regards BerckwerkTeam

10. August 2015

New colours for the summer

New Pampel Pairs in classic, twisted, facetted and iced cuts.

Pampel classic:

12x8mm Cristal, Prasiolith tre., Lemonquarz tre., Topas sky tre.

22x12mm Prasiolith tre., Lemonquarz tre.

Pampel twisted:

14x9mm Prasiolith beh. Lemonquarz beh. Topas sky beh.

Pampel iced:

14x10mm ,22x9mm, 30x8mm Moonstone anthrazit

09. March 2014

London Blue Topas - New Arrivals !!!!

London Blue . the most popular colour today for Topaz, is now available in the following cuts and shapes:

Round: Concave cut 10, 12, 14 and 16 mm

             Bufftop cut 8 and 10 mm

Square: Bufftop cut 10mm

If you would like to receive a section of pieces, please contact us via telephone or our contact form.




Inhorgenda 2014 in Munich

Year after year , we meet up in Munich with the aim of maiking the world a little more beautiful.

14–17 February 2014

It’s always a pleasure discovering the distinct characteristics of a raw stone, and then highlighting these with just the right cut. This is what has inspired us to create some of our special pieces for the trade fair this year.

Green, one of our colours for 2014, is represented by a wonderful member of the Garnet group. Tsavorite from Tanzania stands out in a brilliant, clear green. Together with Tanzanite, this gem creates an unusual combination, which we present this year in a mirror cut. As a set, this duo is a true eye-catcher.

Pairs do not always have to look the same. After all, which couple is identical in real life? But there is always one thing they have in common: the right combination turns single stones into a special set. And our shaped spheres are the perfect candidates. We’ve faced the challenge and this idea is now ready for series production. At the fair we are showcasing a lovely repertoire of the gems available this year: Rutilated Quartz, Tourmalinated Quartz, natural Topaz, Beryl, Moonstone and white Mother of Pearl Opal. All of these spheres come in diameters of 10mm or 12mm.

Of course, we are continuing with our series of untreated gems – such as Citrine from Zambia, which we are showing in our brilliant concave cut. This finds company in a particularly beautiful group of natural Topaz. Mined in accordance with fair trade and green mining, our Smokey Quartz comes from the Swiss Alps. And in the area of Oregon Sunstones, you will be able to enjoy a further colour highlight: a gentle petrol is accompanied by a silvery pink-coloured schiller – two highly unusual stones.

Combining crazy ideas with traditional elements is particularly fun. For instance, Fireopal in white featuring a play of colours and donning a brilliant cut – a very fiery-traditional combination. A true display of fireworks in a well-known guise!

We are showcasing many new ideas, but one thing remains the same: our quality!

As last year, you will find us at:

Halle C1

Stand 360

We look forward to seeing you again or, of course, to welcoming new faces – and wish you a pleasant, safe arrival.


Andy Berck