About us

Since 2003, Berckwerk has stood for innovative ideas in the area of gemstone cutting. Thanks to our years-long contacts within the gemstone industry around the world, we offer exceptional stones in particularly high quality.

We focus on providing a brilliant cut that brings out the maximum of lustre from every stone.

Each stone is unique – in its origins, in its select shape of cut and in the personal history that it carries within. We are dedicated to doing justice to this uniqueness, with every one of our pieces. 

Close contact to individual mine owners and cutters, as well as fair treatment of everyone involved, has been the foundation of our work at Berckwerk since the very beginning. This also includes working closely together with our customers personally. Whether you would like to create a single piece or realise a small series, we are happy to develop your ideas together with you.

We like to see ourselves not only as a retailer, but also as a partner who supports you in making your innovative jewellery ideas reality.